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 $115 + PARTS & LABOR

(INCLUDES – Trip (2x), Troubleshooting, Isolating part(s), Researching, Ordering Parts and Return 2nd Trip to Install Parts)

Once the problem has been diagnosed by our technician, each client will be given the cost upfront of parts and labor to find and install that part. Some older and unique grill parts can require a special order that can take 7-14 days to deliver.

·       We are not responsible for grills or parts that do not work upon arrival.

·       We are not responsible for manufacturer part defects.

·       We will charge for any additional trips outside of the original scope of work to BBQ Grill.

·       Our fuel, time, and industry knowledge is very valuable, $80 for any estimate or technical grill consultation. Price will be taken off any repair if we do business together. Our time is valuable. Thank You For Your Business!


Grill Cleaning- 2 Burner $135
Note: Add $25 per additional burner (# Determined by KNOBS on most grills)

*** Side Cooker = 1 burner each.


Removing all salmonella, meat-borne bacteria, rust, flammable grease build up, sooty and grimy grease from grates, warming racks, flavor bars, drip pan, heat plates inside & outside your grill. Our quality, workmanship & spirit of excellence is second to none with Power Wash LA


Varies depending upon your BBQ make, number of burners, size of stainless steel to polish, amount of grease/grime build up to remove – Estimate between 2-6 hours per grill cleaning.

Varies depending upon BBQ make, size and amount of time to deep clean and polish. Grease/Grime buildup & severity will be determined by onsite technician. Jobs outside of Power Wash LA service area will be assessed & priced individually with client.

NOTE: Technician will charge extra $$ if grill is ridiculously filthy and requires extra time to clean beyond the industry standard! This will be obvious to all parties.